Post graduate Training

Post- Doctoral trainees at the CSPD make significant contributions to the advancement of research on Parkinson's disease. In addition to a multitude of cutting-edge and innovative research projects, the UCLA CSPD offers a uniquely collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach, where post-docs interact with other scientists and clinicians from a variety of different backgrounds, and participate in numerous seminars, lectures, symposia, and conferences both within and outside UCLA. Weekly CSPD seminars (Parkinson's Disease Colloquium Series) and monthly meetings of post-doctoral researchers promote the constant exchange of ideas.

Post-doctoral researchers at the CSPD also have the opportunity to mentor and train the next generation of research scientists, by providing guidance and leadership to undergraduate and graduate students, helping them navigate complex projects in the laboratory.

To inquire about post-doctoral positions at the CSPD, please contact the individual faculty member of interest.