Educational activities

Collaboration is a key component of the Center for the Study of Parkinson's Disease. We maximize opportunities to interact, brainstorm, and discuss, by creating a number of activities to support our collaborative efforts:

  • Parkinson's Disease Colloquium

Weekly seminar series which promotes discussion and exchange of ideas through presentations by faculty from within and outside the CSPD.

  • Annual Symposium of the Center for the Study of Parkinson's Disease

Weekly seminar series open to all, featuring the work of researchers within and outside the CSPD.

  • Forum for Undergraduate Scholars in Parkinson's Disease

Enrichment activity supported by the UCLA Brain Research Institute, provides small discussion groups for undergraduate trainees in Parkinson's research labs. Students learn about the diverse research at the CSPD, providing a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of PD research.

  • Annual Poster session for undergraduate Scholars in Parkinson's Disease

Student researchers in CSPD labs have the opportunity to present their work to colleagues and faculty once a year.

  • Senior Researchers' Monthly Meetings

Participating post-doctoral researchers and junior faculty members meet to brainstorm and discuss their projects, collaborations, and other relevant issues.